Can I ensure visual inspection in full safety for the operator?


How to locate the cause of a temporary process crisis?


How to follow defects progression on the metallurgic route of a coil?


How to inspect and visually qualify a coil at the lowest cost before its shipment?


How to standardize, centralize and share my quality reports for all my production units?

Affinis systems is an entry-level answer to the most basics inspection needs. They are based on an easily implemented architecture.

Those systems display live inspection video while recording it, making it available at all times to the operator.

Additional functions can be activated à-la-carte:

  • mesure de largeur/déports
  • weld control (quality/alignement)
  • periodic defect detection
  • aspect change: brightness, tint, texture, fleurage, etc.
  • edge qualification

Affinis can evolve into a full-scale automatic inspection system. They are also portable systems that can be used for temporary trials and measures.

 Finally, they fit perfectly on preparation and shipping lines to secure shipped quality.

– Remember Deepgray exclusive –

Our equipments record the full production video in real time. This Deepgray-exclusive feature allows all operators to choose the right system sensitivity level and to control its drifts. It also contributes to quality insurance.

At every moment, the whole video history of the last hours of production is available to the operators.

Decision making and allocation is made possible by Deepgray Expert System, post-processing inspection data in real-time.

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