Does this coil respect my client’s specification?


Can I measure areas affected by a line stop?


Can we ensure edge coating compliance?


Can I predict and prevent process drift?


What are the actions needed to repair the coil?


Can I put the responsibility for some defects to a tool on the production line or an upstream line?

Our equipments inspect metal at high resolution, at all speeds and on the whole width. They are able to equip les lignes de décapage, de dégraissage, de recuit, de revêtement.

A raking light inspection channel combined with a standard channel allows for embossed defects detection with absolute certainty.

In case of long stop, the coil section trapped into process critical area are being looked at with a specific inspection.

Combined with a Deepgray Pratens in entry section, the system can identify, assign and attribute defect origin.

– Remember Deepgray exclusive –

Our equipments record the full production video in real time. This Deepgray-exclusive feature allows all operators to choose the right system sensitivity level and to control its drifts. It also contributes to quality insurance.

At every moment, the whole video history of the last hours of production is available to the operators.

Decision making and allocation is made possible by Deepgray Expert System, post-processing inspection data in real-time.

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